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Profound Sound


Whether delivering a sound bath or a gong bath, our goal is to enhance wellbeing through the sensitive, subtle and skilful application of sound. We utilise the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST) method. Research has shown that using sound in this way can have a number of benefits including:

  • Relaxed muscles, relaxed and steady breath and reduced heart rate

  • Reduced or resolved anxiety

  • Dissolution of conflicts and contradictions

  • Reduced physical pain and tension

  • A sense of peace and tranquillity 

Many clients also report improved sleep.

Our sound and gong baths are designed to promote a state of deep relaxation. This is achieved through a process known as entrainment, or 'auditory driving', creating an altered state of consciousness (ASC) where the predominant brainwave state shifts from beta (our fully conscious waking state) to alpha (a meditative, quietly flowing state of rest)  and theta (a 'twilight', dream-like state associated with imagery, memory and intuition). It is in this state that the potential for profound relaxation, for healing, for insight is created. A natural rebalancing process takes place that can leave you feeling relaxed, rebalanced and refreshed.  

What Happens in a Typical Session?

Try to arrive around 10-15 minutes before the session is due to start. There'll be a short consent to participate form to fill in and then you can chose a space and make yourself comfortable. It is best to lay with your head away from the instruments. Mike will introduce himself and the expectations for the session. The lights will be dimmed or extinguished and you'll be invited to get comfortable and relax. The instruments for that session will then be played, finishing with a period of percussion to bring you back to a waking state. A minute of silence will follow. Mike will then give some advice on aftercare and invite anyone who wishes to share their experience to do so.

Mike is always available after a session for informal questions, discussion or feedback.  

What Do I Need to Do?

You'll need to be comfortable for the session, so dress accordingly. Bring a blanket or similar warm covering and perhaps pillows or cushions (which can also be placed under the knees to support your lower back); anything to help you feel comfortable. Although we can provide a limited number of yoga mats and blankets, if you have your own these are great to lie on. The sessions last for around 45 minutes and we want you to be comfortable throughout. Eye coverings such as eyebags are also recommended. If you are unable to lay down for extended periods, please let us know in good time beforehand so that we can make arrangements and manage the room layout. 

Approach each session as something new and manage your expectations. You may never have tried sound therapy before, or you may have had some experience. Either way, each session is unique. Some individuals report profound, startling, insightful experiences. Most simply feel a sense of deep relaxation, of positivity, calmness, reduced or relieved tension and a general sense of wellbeing. In essence, they feel better. We are all individuals and we bring ourselves to the session. To get the most out of your experience, bring an open mind, get comfortable, close your eyes and let the sound wash over you. 

Sounds Good. When and Where is the Next One?


Click on the 'Classes and Events' tab above to find out more. Events are regularly updated on our Facebook page, too. If you'd like to bring a sound or gong bath to you, contact us via email, text, telephone or Facebook Messenger. 


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