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'I think I've found my new home.' 

- Town Hall yoga 

'The best sound bath I've ever been to.'

- Valley View Retreat

'I loved the sense of floating, the awareness of the body underneath and the visions - glorious.'

- Dalton and Gayles village hall

'I felt a sense of deep contentment'

- Heworth, York

'I've been doing yoga all my life and for me this practice really works.'

- Hudswell Yoga

'Thanks so much for making yoga finally work for me.'

- Town hall yoga

'I'm going out a different person to the one who came in.'

- Kirklevington Village Hall

'Your playing is so refined.'

- Private Sound Bath Session

'Very therapeutic.'

- Hudswell yoga

'An amazing experience.'

- Valley View Retreats

'Profound healing. Thank you.'

- Brafferton village hall

'A very enjoyable experience where the sounds felt like they'd transported my mind to a beautiful wonderland'

- Brafferton village hall

'Your compassion really came through the playing. I felt so safe.'

- Ruswarp village hall

'The sound just blocked out my chattering mind - it was like the thoughts couldn't 'get in'.'

- Dalton and Gayles village hall

'Total relaxation which is unusual for me - never been done before!'

 - Brafferton village hall

'Perfect balance of stretching and strength and relaxation.'

- Holiday at Home Private Yoga

'Lovely. The best yoga session I've had since leaving India.'

 - Corporate Online 

'Peace and release'

- Balance Rooms

'I now am much more mindful of how I move and hold myself during the day.'

 -  Thornborough Hall Yoga

'Deliciously relaxing.'

- Dalton and Gayles Village Hall

'Time out of a busy day well spent'

- Heworth, York

'A lovely hour of bliss.'

- Aldbrough St John

'Total relaxation! I went to sleep overnight superbly.'

- Dalton and Gayles village hall

'Mike's soundbath was the best thing about our retreat.'

- Yogaspace Yorkshire

'So relaxing.'

- Town hall yoga

'I loved how the sound bath flowed.'

- Littlethorpe 

'I've been to lots of gong baths but I've never gone as deep' 

- Balance Rooms

'My new most favourite thing in the world.'

- Yogaspace Yorkshire

'A magical experience'

- Heather, Valley View yoga retreat

'Your yoga has taught me so much that I've taken off the mat. I can manage my responses to things so much better. I take a step back, slow down and breathe." 

- Yogaspace Yorkshire

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